Bannerarms for standards

Different from flags, standards are fixed on two sides - one side is attached to the pole, the top is fastened to a so-called bannerarm or cantilever. Fahnen Kössinger offers standard bearers or arms in different sizes and executions.


  • Material: polished brass, lacquered against oxidation, gold or chrome plated
  • arm by default attached to the flagpole non-removable
  • Bannerarm on request also providable removable from the standard pole
  • for standard/banner sizes of 60 to100 cm, special formats possible
  • Standard arms with or without ornaments
  • Standard arms on demand possible, also with customer motive on a separate brass panel welded onto the bannerarm

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Product details

polished brass, protected against oxidation
metal colors gold or chrome available

suitable for standards from 60 to 100 cm
special formats on request

without ornaments
with ornaments
with custom-made motive
removable or non-removable from the pole


with ornament
not removable from the pole

Bannerarm attached to the pole, without ornaments
without ornaments
removable bannerarm without ornament
with ornaments
attached to the pole, non-removable

Bannerarm attached to the pole, with ornaments
with ornaments

removable bannerarm with ornaments


Suitable accessories

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