Mugs, cups, glasses, and plates

Memorial and honorary mugs are the classical present in order to remember jubilees, distinctions and special events such as the setting a foundation stone or the foundation of a club. Fahnen Kössinger delivers high quality, decorative executions of memorial mugs in porcelain or relief mugs in stoneware. The printed mugs can be equiped with individual motives and thus represent a very special gift. A beer mug or beer glass with printed-on motive allows you to think back on past events.

  • Stock motives for firebrigades, shooters, music clubs etc. quickly available
  • Custom-made mugs with individual motive and text on demand
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Product details

gift for jubilees, tributes
souvenir for setting a foundation stone, consecration, foundation of a club

plates and cups made of porcelain
mugs made of porcelain or stoneware

stock motives for many clubs
special production with individual text and motive

tin lid
bottle closure
Mugs and glasses with club motives


Tin lid for mugs

Tin lids in various executions

  • Tin lid flat, suitable for engraving
  • Helmet lid
  • Pointed lid
  • Heraldry lid
  • tendril lid
Tin lid in pointed shape

Bottle closure

  • in flat shape
  • in pointed shape
  • with spring clamp

Caps and plates

Caps and plates with standard motive or individual
Caps and plates made of the best porcelain are being printed on in the newest processes such as silk screen and sublimation printing, laser or sandblasting techniques. The printed-on caps are a real eyecatcher and souvenir for special occasions. As us about the best way to realise your personal motive.