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For a sportsclub, team spirit has the highest priority. It can be best demonstrated by homogeneous clothing. We refine it by embroidered or printed on club emblems with single names or writings. Sleeve badges with the club emblem and place name show to everybody which team you belong to. Also baseball caps, bandanas, embroidered towels or sweatbands of well-known brands are part of our product range. For tributes after competitions, we deliver stick pins, medals with boxes or attached to ribbon drapes, documents or trophies. In order to provide your club with a presentable image, we embroider your individual club flag or standard with the logo, a motive from your home town or your sports building. The jubilee event is announced by advertising on the perimeter of sports fields, transparents that are hung over streets or beachflags and roll-ups that we print in different format and executions. Well visible advertisement in the stadium is provided by center tarpaulins that we can make for you in very big diameters.
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Sports club flag

Flags for sports clubs

Every sportsman and woman dreams of breaking records and gives his or her best in order to reach them. Fahnen Kössinger is a champion in producing embroidered club flags. We transfer your club home into a picture on velvet by "painting" it with the finest stitches, take your logo and the municipality crest and embroider it in the corners of the flag. The name of your team frames the emblem together with a suitable motto in the most noble hand embroidery. The whole piece of art is completed by a flag finial with sports motive - this is real team spirit.

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Banner on crossbar

Standards are a little smaller than club flags and show the motives straight, not diagonally. Otherwise, they are exactly as on the flag - a town picture or the club home on the one side, the club logo or a pictograph of the kinds of sports on the other side. A robust wooden pole with a bannerarm at the top and a standard finial with sports symbol make the standard complete. It is furnished with high quality gold fringes on two sides and can be comfortably carried in parades using our leather strap.

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Sports club standard or banner on crossbar
Badges made of fabric and metal for sports clubs

Badges for sport clubs

Medals are the reward of the sportpeople for their efforts and achievements. We produce them in gold, silver and bronze, with the emblem of the respective kind of sports, with a loop on top for attaching a cord so that it can be hung over the neck during the award ceremony. We also have suitable boxes for keepsake. Also passive members must not be forgotten. They obtain smaller stick pins with the club logo, maybe with an extra jubilee garland. For the club clothing, we offer embroidered or woven patches that show the belonging to the sportsclub.
Waving flags

Waving flags

Whether in the home stadium or on the tribune of the adversary team - show the flag of your squad and wave the flag with the club emblem or a motivating slogan. We produce such flags in high quality printing on synthetic material, in a format on demand, with hollow sleeve and pole. For competitions, we print throwing flags that ressemble the regulations and provide a homogeneous picture during parades.

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Center tarpaulins for sports clubs

Center tarpaulins

The over dimensional tarpaulins are well visible even from the most distant tribune place and carry your advertising message in an optimal way. The fabrics that are up to 20 m in diameter are being carried into the stadium on holding loops. They can be printed on with a club logo or a sports emblem, e.g. a football. Let us know your requirements, we transfer them in an optimal way and produce your center tarpaulin exactly according to your specifications.

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Club clothing

Club clothing

Tights and other sports jerseys is basically uniform as the belonging to a team has be clearly visible. Fahnen Kössinger refines this club clothing in addition with names and club logos, on the sleeves, the breast, or the back. Direct embroidery is perfectly durable and can be washed. In digital printing, also small details and color gradations can be depicted. Silk screen printing is ideal for bigger quantities. Here, also shining, intensive colors are possible.

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Documents for sports clubs


No tributing of medals without the matching documents that show the place, occasion, and the placement of the sportsperson. We have different executions with the emblem of the respective type of sports, to be inscripted either by hand, by computer, or ready-made by our graphic designer. Let us know the desired format and your inscription, we deliver the correct document for your sports event or tribute to merited members within short.

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Further products for your sports club

For the winners' celebration or the big jubilee of the sports club Fahnen Kössinger has all the necessary accessories. Roll-Up displays are ideal for quickly assembled advertising messages before each event. Colorfully printed beachflags attract visitors and mark the peripheries of playing fields or entry areas. Transparents can be used as advertising means over a longer period of time. They are put up over streets in the outskirts and name place, period and the managing party of an event.

Roll-Up displays for sports clubs

Roll-Up Displays

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Transparents for the performance of the sports club


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