Christmas illumination

In almost no time at all, the perfect Christmas tree with 600 LEDs and a diameter of 275 cm is put up! The overall 6 m high Fairybell can be easily attached to a flagpole of 6 m height. The lower 50 cm remain free, resp. unlit at that. The power consumption averages abt. 14 Watts. Together with a 24V transformer, a weather-resistant plug socket or an extension cable provide the electricity.

The model with 960 warm-white LEDs with a height of also 6 m and a diameter of 300 cm consumes abt. 16 Watts. The 24V transformer is weather resistant and guarantees a secure outdoor performance by six frost-proof cable strands.

Also the 800 cm high and 300 cm wide model is put up within half an hour. The LEDs show an interesting arrangement, they hang on vertical ribbons that, with the help of rings, automatically form a tree.

If 1200 LEDs are still not enough - the model in a height of 10 m is equipped with over 2000 warm-white LEDs at a diameter of 500 cm. The assembly time for these biggest of the illuminated trees lies at around 45 min.
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Product details

tree-shaped illumination for flagpoles
Christmas atmosphere even without a tree

Technical information
LED lights, warm-white
24V transformer
weather-resistant electrical power supply

Heights from 600 to 1000 cm
Diameter from 275 to 500 cm
Number of LEDs from 600 to 2000