Fahnen Kössinger, April 18, 2016, 9.03 a.m.

What do you have to consider when designing a new flag?

When you plan a new flag, you should at first ask yourself what should be seen on it. After all, the new precious piece is meant to accompany the club in the next years or even decades and express its identity. Basically, everything is allowed that pleases. But a couple of criteria ought to be paid attention to at any rate so that the flag is presented perfectly and remains a source of joy for a long period of time.
Experts suggest to use the two sides of a flag to express the belonging to a certain region and make clear, on the other hand, which club it actually is. On the front or home side, there is space for the elaborate motive. Often, clubs choose the town church, the city hall, the club home or, if it is a costume club, a couple in typical clothing for the area. Even if there are no prescriptions for the design, traditional motives are recommendable. The center picture is framed by the club and the town name, the foundation year and the year of the flag consecration.
club flags of different clubs
It is important to pay attention to the situation in which the flag is being presented. If it is exhibited in the club home the whole motive is visible with all details. During a parade or a church service, it is different: The flag is carried and hangs down the pole. Most of the time, hardly more of the center of the motive is visible then. Therefore, it is recommended to think about the design of the center so that it catches the eye and can always be seen clearly and well.
The backside of the flag, the so-called club side offers space for putting on what symbolises the club - firebrigades often choose Saint Florian extinguishing the fire or protecting the town. Shooting clubs mostly prefer crossed guns or a target. Sportsclub like to use their own logo or a sportsperson. Frequently, these club-related emblems are combined with a slogan.
Equally important as the choice of the motive is the search for suitable colors. Again, there are no fix rules. As always, there are certain temporary fashions. Thus, the colors at the moment are winered, French blue, or fir green while black is hardly chosen anymore. In almost all cases, customers choose different colors for the home and the club side. Of course, one has to pay attention to a harmonious relation between the colors of the front and the backside, the background and the motives. A pink townhall does not necessarily match a winered background. The most simply solution is to choose the rim in a dark color - it is less susceptible to dirt, and when the flag accidentally touches the ground during a parade, it is less conspicuous.
By the way, there are considerable regional differences regarding the design of a flag: In the United States, rather colorful flags are preferred, while club from northern Germany choose rather sober motives. In Switzerland on the other hand, big-sized applications with highly stilized motives are most frequent. In the Alpine region, many gorgeous, baroque-like flags can be found.

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