Flags and banners of the Bavarian districts

Also the seven districts of the State of Bavaria possess their own district crests. We print these flags in the colors of the respective district in all common formats, oblong and landscape.
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all crests of the districts
Rhomb flags
Frankonian rake

Hoisting flags in oblong format
Hoisting flags
Banner flags

Bavarian districts

The flags of the Bavarian districts are in two or three parts and bear the respective area crest. We have the printing files and produce hoisting flags in oblong format, bannerflags, and hoisting flags in landscape format as well as special sizes on demand, either in silk screen or digital printing.

Bavarian rhombs with and without crest

The state flags of Bavaria are available in white-blue divided and as rhomb flags. You can obtain the flags either with crest, with the crest alone, or with the complete lions' crest on rhomb background.

Flag with Frankonian rake and Frankonian crest

Frankonia possesses their own flag, the so-called "Frankonian rake". The flag is not divided straight into two parts but with a zig-zag pattern. We print the rake also in a crest shape onto a red-and-white flag, hoisting flag or banner.


Execution bannerflag with tunnel, crossbar, and hanging device


Tunnel on the upper edge (without crossbar), other sides with seams
For further information see bannerflags.
Execution hoisting flags in oblong format with plastic springhooks at the pole side

Hoisting flags in oblong format

Long left side with plastic springhooks, other sides with seams.
For further information see hoisting flags in oblong format.
Execution hoisting flag in landscape format, pole side with plastic springhooks

Hoisting flags

Plastic springhooks at the short pole side, other sides with seams
For further information see hoisting flags.