Flags of Asia

Flags of Asia

Fahnen Kössinger knows the multitudinous flags of the Asian countries. Let us know the desired format, and we produce according to your demands.
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Product details

Standard synthetic 110 g/m²
available countries
all nations of Asia
available formats
Standard sizes
Format on demand


Hoisting flags in oblong format
Asia flags as hoisting flags in oblong format

The national flag is "turned" on the classical hoisting flag in oblong format so that the color that usually is on top now appears on the pole side. Possible crests remain upright.

Flags for cantilever
flag for cantilever

The flag for cantilevers is a hoisting flag in oblong format with an additional tunnel at the top. The cantilever or bannerarm that is pushed through this tunnel makes the flag well visible also when no wind is blowing.

Hoisting flags
hoisting flags on flagpole

Hoisting flags are more easily pulled up on the pole as they are comparatively less high. The national flag remains in its "usual" position, possible crests appear in a big proportion.

bannerflags with crossbar

The bannerflag is being printed as the flag in oblong format, only the finishing is different. A wooden crossbar is pushed through the tunnel at the top and thus makes the flag perfectly visible.

further executions

Oblique flags
oblique flag

When there is not enough space for a flagpole and the location is restricted, oblique flags may offer a solution. A wallholder replaces the flagpole, the flag is being sewn in a respective angle at the top.

roomflags on stand

We sew roomflags for indoor stands according to the situation of the respective location on measurement. The flags are attached to wooden poles that can be placed singly or in groups.


These carflags are especially popular at bigger sports events and normally sewn in a format of 30 x 45 cm. They are delivered with a robust plastic carflag holder.

Boat flags
boat flag

Boat flags with national insignia are compulsory for each owner of a boat. Water vehicles are equipped with a flag at the rear that is attached to a flexible pole.

Table flags
table flags

Table flags with the national flag motive offer a nice decoration in the conference room. The attachment is done by a little rope that it stuck through a hole in the pole of the tablestand.


Tablebanners with national flag emblem are finished by a cord all around. There is a crossbar at the top with or without end knobs, with cord hanging. The matching stands made of wood or metal have a hook at the pole to attach the cord.


It would be a pity to throw away these paperflags after use. All national flags are available - a plastic pole is attached to them for waving or putting them up.