Standard flags and special printings

Hoisting flags in landscape format are used at very many presentations and official events. The French flag flies at the pole of the city hall when there are visitors from the partner city. During the soccer tournament with the teams from Great Britain or the United States, the respective national flag is hoisted. But at Fahnen Kössinger's, also clubs or individuals may order their flags. We print custom-made club motives, event notes or advertising messages onto your flag.

Our flags are flown during international exhibitions and competitions, but also in tourist centers. The whole year through, one can find American, French, or all kinds of other national flags in front of the buildings. Our graphic designers create flags for special performances according to your imagination.

All our flags are equipped with the necessary accessories that matches your flagpole or your wall holder in a perfect way. Plastic spring hooks that are attached at the sides of the flag make the attachment to the flagpole easy. A strong belt ribbon and double security seams provide a high tear resistance and long durability of the flag.
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Product details

light waving synthetic 110 g/m²
heavier canvas/deco 155 g/m²
Airflag synthetic with hole structure 110 g/m²

landscape, wider than high
standard between 60 x 90 cm und 200 x 335 cm

attached to the pole by spring hooks at one side
double security seam all around, with hollow sleeve at the top edge on demand


  • Synthetic (knitted)
    abt. 110 g/m²
    brand polyester with a silk-smooth and dense, lightly transparent knitted structure, untearable and weather resistant.

  • Airflag (knitted)
    abt. 110 g/m²
    This quality has the same characteristics as synthetic but possesses a hole structure. The edges are only cut, not seamed.

  • Canvas/deco (woven)
    abt. 155 g/m²
    Dull, light waving, extreme tear-resistant material that is preferred in areas with strong winds.

Standard sizes

  • 80 x 120 cm
  • 100 x 150 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 150 x 250 cm
  • 200 x 335 cm
Special size on your demand are possible anytime. We produce exactly according to your imagination.


On the short side, there is a sewn white belt ribbon with plastic spring hooks every meter, double security seams all around (airflag only cut)
Special finishing on demand

Special production

The unit price of a hoisting flag in landscape format in special printing is depending on the following criteria:
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Number of printing colors
  • Finishing