Mounting service for flagpoles


Our mounting service for flagpoles - in Germany only

Our flagpoles are delivered with easily understandable instruction manuals for their erection. They normally make it easy to put up a pole properly. Sometimes, however, you simply lack the time, personnel or the necessary equipment to get a pole into the ground or attach it to the wall correctly.

For such cases, our mounting service is at your disposal. Our expert at first checks if all necessary accessory parts are ready at the pole. Can each pole allocated to the suitable ground fixing, are all hoisting ropes there, was the key for the lockable pole door delivered? Apart from that, PVC tubes are necessary for a secure attachment of the flag to the pole, weights to avoid a climbing of the flag and cantilever tube that is put through a hollow sleeve in the flag.

Our flagpole specialist knows all parts and realizes at a first glance if everything is present for a quick and professional assembly of the aluminium poles. He also gives you good advice about the suitable positioning of the poles in front of your company, on the marketplace or the shop. If the poles are to be placed in a groundtube, he knows how deep the hole has to be dug and how the ground tubes need to be aligned straight and have to be put in concrete. The assembly operator puts the pole up, centers it with wedges or the also available centering rings made of aluminium. He also properly puts a respective hinged baseplate into a concrete bed and fastens the screws securely.

If you want to refit your pole with a cantilever, our technician also helps you gladly. Here, you have to take care of a correct attachment of your flag. Maybe the hollow sleeve is missing. Then, we will have to refit it quickly in our workshop. If a hoisting rope is torn, a spring hook broken or PVC tubes are cut by vandals, you also receive help from our specialist.

Arrange a date with him per telephone so that our products are being installed, maintained, and repaired expertly. The costs are billed on a time and material basis.
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Product details

Mounting service
putting the ground tube into concrete bed
attaching the hinged baseplate
proper erection of the flagpole
attaching the flag to the hoisting device
checking the hoisting ropes and accessory parts
switching of defective parts
mounting of refittable cantilevers
attaching of weights to avoid the climbing of flags or PVC tubes
correct positioning of single poles
positioning of several poles in a row
Tipps for maintenance and caretaking of pole and flag