Medals and decorations

Medals are a special kind of metal badges. They are bigger and heavier than the current stick pins, often double-sided stamped and with different motives on the front and back. They are usually donated in a precious box. Fahnen Kössinger assists you in designing your individual honorary medal and provides you with the necessary accessories. We also have numerous medals and decorations with standard motives on stock that can be obtained in single pieces and may partly be provided with engraving.

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Zinc alloy

Tributes to honorary members
Winners of sports competitions
Memorials for jubilees

Boxes for storage
Boxes for presentation
Cords and ribbons for putting on necks

Medal accessories

Boxes for presentation

Etui zum Aufstellen

noble velvet boxes for storage

Box with velvet lining

Velvet ribbon or cord for putting around neck

Cord for putting around neck