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Fahnen Kössigner offers a wide range of club and business apparel, refined individually on customer demand.

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Fahnen Kössinger is the leading manufacturer of

Promotion flags

Flags - Hoisting flags - Bannerflags - Street banners - Municipality flags - City flags - National flags - State flags - Table flags - Beachflags - Displays - Bali flags - Flagpoles - Flag accessories

Club requirements

Embroidered club flags - Restoration - Conservation - Embroidered flag banners - Badges - Pins - Metal badges - Neckties - Scarves - Embroidered flag ribbons - Music stand banners - Shoulder sashes - Event drapes - Memorial ribbons - Memorial gifts - Documents

Textile refining

T-Shirts - Polo shirts - Sweatshirts - Shirts and blouses - Caps - Towels - Jackets - Working clothes - Bags - Clothes for catering - Sportswear

With our advertising flags and banners you are always present in the public and show that there is movement in your enterprise. Flags are certainly the most effective and inexpensive kind of local promotion. We already start production of individually designed flags in digital or silk screen printing at one piece. We offer flag poles in high quality, e.g. aluminium or wooden poles. In addition, we offer you an extensive program of useful accessories for your flagpole. Smart beachflags, Bali flags and displays in manifold executions offer a perfect appearance at fairs and exhibitions.
Badges, metal decorations and pins are produced according to your individual ideas. We offer neckties and scarves in embroidered, woven and printed execution. You club participates in parades and big events? Then you are in the right place in our arts embroidery. Here, real precious unique pieces are created according to your imagination, e.g. embroidered club flags, embroidered flag banners, music stand banners, and table standards. We also execute restorations of traditional flags in our house. You can keep your event in permanent remembrance with your guests by our memorial drapes, ribbons and differnet kinds of gifts or documents.
Thus, you are able to present your enterprise, your club or your community in an impressive way - at the working place, practicing your hobby, during your spare time - simply everywhere where you set value on functional, attractive and high quality clothing. Our refinement techniques are e.g. direct embroidery, silk screen printing, transfer printing or flock coating. No matter what, sportsman, businessman or private person - with our individually designed caps, bags or clothing pieces you are always equipped in an attractive way.