Jackets and uniform coats

Our tailor takes your measures and sews your jacket individually just for you while you have the choice between different possibilities.
  • side or back slit
  • put-on or flap pocket
  • number and kind of buttons
  • fabric quality flannel, gabardine or tricotine
  • color dark blue, light or medium grey
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Product details

made to measure by our tailor

Choice of fabrics

various pockets
different button-tabs
color choice (dark blue, light or medium grey)
side or back slits

Adjutant's cord

These cords are worn by flag ensigns and bearers.
  • overall length: abt. 125 cm
  • front length: abt. 55 cm
  • back length: abt. 70 cm
  • width of braided cord abt. 3 cm
  • opening for buttonhole at the top (shoulder)
  • available in gold or silver
Adjutant's cord for flag ensign and bearers


Our tailor can offer you a great choice of buttons with and without motive. Here, there are a couple of examples - choose the desired button directly when your jacket is measured!

Buttons dark grey
Buttons gold/silver
Buttons gold/silver
Buttons gold/dark blue
Buttons antique gold